We fit into your marketing department ...

... by desing

  • Clearly differentiated image from that of the competition
  • Innovative aspect, giving the company an image of dynamism, development and adaptation to changes
  • Value added as superior Package Marketing which is transferred to the product it protects, encouraging the positive perception by the customer and giving prestige to your product: if the wrapping is optimal, that inside will be even better
  • Transmitting the idea of tidiness and cleanliness

... by customisable

  • It can be customised by adding whatever company logos or other messages or icons you want (fragile, packaging position, chains, etc.)

... by ecological

It proves a commitment to the Environment. It creates an image that can be used for communication and advertising campaigns, aiding your differentiation from the competition. Among its main characteristics:

  • No waste caused (and, if so, biodegradable), enabling the collaboration with those responsible for quality ISO14001
  • Consuming 45% less wood than conventional packaging (raw material optimisation)
  • Ecological efficiency in its transport due to emission reduction
  • Sustainable felling certified by the “Green Forest” seal
  • Responsibility with regard to the Environment
  • Provides the image of a company committed to the Environment
  • Encaja RSE measure: planting a tree per box sold, in this way compensating for the carbon footprint generated by the manufacture of the product