We fit into your purchasing department ...

... by price

  • The ClipAvant Box offers the best value for money in the market, with an approximate difference of only 15% when compared with traditional wooden packaging (depending on the measurements), a very small percentage taking into account the advantages and benefits it provides being a value added packaging
  • The ClipBasic Box is one of the cheapest packages in the market, with all the characteristic advantages of the Clipping Crate

... by service

  • Great speed in the delivery of both standard and customised models due to the automation in our company. ClipAvant standards take from 2 to 5 working days. ClipBasic ones take from 6 to 10 working days. The delivery is analysed for customised models according to the requirements of the customer
  • The customer has the safety of relying on our free customer attention technical service (via email, telephone or personal attention) at any time of the day
  • Advice by packaging engineers
  • Damaged part replacement service
  • Our products and services are guaranteed by our experience of over 70 years collaborating with the industry

... by recoverable-reusable

  • The return or recovery of the ClipAvant Box leads it to be considered an investment, not an expense
  • It lasts longer leading to less effort being made and time saving in purchases with suppliers
  • As it is recoverable it does not cause any waste, saving in collection and waste dump costs
  • Once disassembled, the actual staples close the package without requiring strapping. It is easier, clean and economic

... by savings

  • Storage cost savings. Store space optimisation
  • Standard models optimise logistics and storage costs
  • Store space savings by piling them up when assembled
  • Does not cause waste when reused, saving in collection and waste dump costs
  • As any side can be disassembled, lifting the load over worker is avoided. This encourages safety for operatives and their comfort in the workplace, favouring better performance and speed: time is saved

... by savings due to its lightness

  • Transport savings, particularly regarding air freight (weight approximately 40% lower than conventional packaging)
  • Greater productivity
  • Less fuel consumption during transport

... by robust and resistant (protection)

  • Lower risk in the purchase decision. Our packaging guarantees your product will reach your customer in the same state it was dispatched
  • Peace of mind and safety regarding your dispatches
  • “Clip avant” is manufactured with plywood, a very strong and resistant material that minimises the risk of breakages due to an incorrect handling of forklift trucks, straps or other movements. This results in time savings and lower daily management between the customer and the packaging supplier

... by substitution of damaged parts

  • Also, if the aforementioned case did occur, it will not be necessary to replace the whole box, just the damaged part