We fit into their departments of logistics, production and store ...

... by dismountable

  • Space savings in the storage area and for transport
  • Enables keeping high stocks of boxes when disassembled
  • Immediate availability for emergencies
  • As any side you wish can be disassembled, it is possible to safely move the load at floor level, avoiding it being lifted above persons. Also, it requires a lower number of movements

... by autonomy

  • Immediate availability for emergencies without requiring intermediaries for its assembly and closure. The customer receives a better service thanks to this
  • Independence regarding the packaging supplier, at the delivery of the product and its closure, for which reason the transporter does not have to wait and there are no worries on whether the service by third parties will arrive on time

... by easy assembly

  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Easy handling as there are separate parts
  • Requires no specialisation
  • Requires no tools
  • Savings regarding the cost of specialised workers to close the packaging
  • Easy shipping

... by ergonomic

  • As they are separate pieces, less weight is has to be carried each time (bearing 1/6 of the load). Its handling is convenient
  • Greater productivity in the packaging and shipping process
  • As any side you wish can be dismantled, lifting the load over workers is avoided. This increases the safety and the work comfort for operatives, favouring a better performance and speed as less movements are required
  • Law on Occupational Risk Prevention: less sick leaves due to a better risk management
  • Greater commitment to the health and safety of workers

... by tidy

  • It conveys an image of a good organisation at work when large disassembled amounts are seen
  • It does not flood the shipment area in the way assembled conventional packaging does
  • Cleanliness: does not generate waste (splinters, edge remains, etc.)
  • Greater tidiness and compliance with the 5S or the EFQM

... by light

  • Makes your work easier
  • High manageability and ergonomics
  • The assembler only bears 1/6 of the load of box each time (less effort of the worker than if conventional packaging is used)
  • Less sick leaves due the box assembly ergonomics

... by stackable

  • Being stackable it optimises space savings in the store when assembled

... by robust and resistant

  • Less risk when deciding to purchase. Our box guarantees your product will reach the final customer in the same state in which it was shipped
  • Peace of mind and safety in your dispatches
  • “Clip avant” is manufactured with plywood, a very hard and resistant material which minimises the risk of breakage resulting from incorrect handling of forklift trucks, straps or other movements. This results in time savings and lower daily management between the customer and the packaging supplier

... by exportable

  • NIMF15 seal: essential for exports (not complicating exports)
  • Valid both for national and international movements, in this way minimising geographical limitations with regard to winning over customers: the Clipping Crate can transport your products anywhere in the world
  • Ideal for movements by companies with branches in several countries and/or places
  • Independence of the company in its international dispatches

... by greater water-tightness

  • Peace of mind: with a heat-seal bag, it can be left outdoors in extreme conditions; without a heat-seal bag, the Clipping Crate offers greater water-tightness than any other packaging as it has no openings

... by standardised

  • Savings regarding storage costs: optimisation of storage space
  • The standard models optimise logistics and storage costs. Also, they adapt to a host of measurements
  • Optimising the entire logistics management: No worries when calculating measurements as they are already predetermined
  • Time savings in the lorry load calculations
  • Measurements that can be combined if the products require variable packaging measurements