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As the word itself indicates, a patent implies disclosing to the public an invention, that is to say, “making it patent”. In fact, one of the basic requirements to achieve the registration of an invention patent is that the invention is described sufficiently in the request in order for third parties to get to know its technical basis. In this way, society as a whole can benefit from the technological advance the invention involves.

If patents did not exist, inventors would be reluctant to apply their efforts in finding new solutions to human needs and to disclose the solutions found since, once disclosed, they could be copied freely by anyone.

It should not be forgotten that an unexploited invention means an injustice for the inventor and a waste for society.

In our company we are aware of all these statements and have so far provided 6 international patents, the sole purpose of these being to make possible a packaging that is appropriate for our times: ecological and cost-effective.


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