the company

certification ISO 9001

1. Quality System ISO 9001

Encaja Embalajes & Trading has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of Standard ISO 9.001.

The scope of the system is applicable to our main activities: the design and manufacture of wooden packaging

Two main objectives have been achieved by implementing the aforementioned international Standard:

  • Quality assurance regarding the products manufactured and the services provided
  • Full customer satisfaction achievement

2. Benefits

Many benefits are achieved by applying this quality system, both for the company and its customers, from which the following should be highlighted:

  • The design and offer of a wide range of products in accordance with the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Planning order production in accordance with the delivery commitments established
  • The definition, control and improvement of the production and management processes necessary to ensure the quality of the products
  • Efficacy and efficiency in the application of manufactured product control plans
  • The prevention of faults appearing in all the stages of the production process
  • Ensuring product compliance with customer requirements in order to achieve their maximum satisfaction


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